Our sprockets are manufactured out fron 7075T6 alumium fore best durability and wear resistance compared to low weight. Sprockets are anodized silver, for add-on you can choose other colours. Our sprockets are delivered lightened. You can have a similar sprocket as Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1.

We can lighten the sprockets with only circular holes for the right looks for a Classic racing bike.

When ordering 4 similar sprockets or a row of sprockets #31 #32 #33 #34 teeth you get 20% discount.


415 chain Blank sprocket Sprocket
12-30 teeth 280SKr/~28€ 410SKr/~41€
31-44 teeth 315SKr/~31€ 445SKr/~44€
45-54 teeth 400SKr/~40€ 530SKr/~53€

420 chain Blank sprocket Sprocket
12-25 teeth 360SKr/~36€ 510SKr/~51€
26-40 teeth 410SKr/~41€ 560SKr/~56€
41-54 teeth 500SKr/~50€ 650SKr/~65€
55-70 teeth 580SKr/~58€ 730SKr/~73€


428 chain Blank sprocket Sprocket
12-25 teeth 400SKr/~40€ 550SKr/~55€
26-40 teeth 500SKr/~50€ 650SKr/~65€
41-54 teeth 600SKr/~60€ 750SKr/~75€
55-70 teeth 675SKr/~67€ 825SKr/~82€


520 chain Blank sprocket Sprocket
12-25 teeth 375SKr/~37€ 525SKr/~52€
26-40 teeth 500SKr/~50€ 610SKr/~61€
41-54 teeth 550SKr/~55€ 700SKr/~70€
55-64 teeth 630SKr/~63€ 780SKr/~78€


525, 530, 532 chain Blank sprocket Sprocket
12-25 teeth 400SKr/~40€ 550SKr/~55€
26-40 teeth 500SKr/~50€ 625SKr/~62€
41-54 teeth 625SKr/~62€ 775SKr/~77€
55-64 teeth 700SKr/~70€ 850SKr/~85€

Add ons

Anodizing in different colour than silver 100SKr/pcs or 150SKr/4pcs ~10€/pcs or 15€/4pcs
Extreme ligthened, Classic lightned or a pattern of your own choice 100SKr/pcs or 250SKr/4pcs ~10€/pcs or 25€/4pcs
Offset one side (up to 3mm offset) 400SKr ~40€

Our sprockets have teeths, center hole and boltholes machined in one session, to maintaine highest precison.

Blank sprockets is only centerhole 40mm and no other holes.

Our sprockets are manufactured as single sprockets or a set of sprockets with different number ot tooths.

We manufacture sprockets for Aprilia, Ducati, H-d, Honda, Java, Kawasaki, Ktm, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha or any other bike and every brand of aftermarcet rims as Marvic, Dymag, Marchesini, Astralite among others.

Prices include Swedish VAT. Ask for shipping rate.

Last updated 2009-11-05