We repair your damaged cylinder. It doesn't matter if your cylinder is worn, has cracks or detonation damage. After repair you recieve a cylinder as good or better than original. We don't only replate, we deliver a ready to use cylinder. Where applicable we dress ports, relieve exhaust bridges and inspect and clean the cylinder. If you have an exhaust valve we make shure it can move freely.

Newer fourcylinder motors can also be repaired, and/or have increased bore and replating for larger displacement. Suzuki GSXR1000, Hayabusa, Yamaha R1, Honda CBR etc.

Click here to see repairable cylinders and some we have repaired.

Machining headface, milling new oring slots, fabricate new liners to replace worn iron cast liners (to reduce friction).

If a thread in your cylinder is damaged we can mount Heli-coil thread inserts.

Remove all studs, exhaust valve etc from the cylinder prior to sending it to us.


Re-plating nikasil  (estimate 4 week workprocess) 1880SKr ~188€
Re-plating nikasil two bore cylinder (example Tz 75 - 81) bore up to 69mm 2600SKr ~260€
Re-plating nikasil two bore cylinder bore 70mm and up 3100SKr ~310€
Re-plating nikasil fourcylinder (cylinder barrel only) 5000SKr ~500€

Express (for one or more cylinders at a time) cuts about on week on processing time 300SKr ~30€
Small repair (crack between ports) 460SKr ~46€
Medium repair (detonation damage, piston clip damage) 700SKr ~70€
Large repair (Missing bits of cylinder skirt, broken conrod) 1100SKr ~118€
Machining headface 245SKr ~26€

Removal of cylinder bolts, power valve etc

270SKr ~29€
Boring of cylinder (per bore) 700SKr ~70€
Mount of Helicoil insert thread 300SKr ~30€

If you already have pistons and want your cylinder in exact measurement to fit we can do that. If you don't have the equipment to make good measure send the piston to us and we do the measuring for you. This way you get the piston clearance you want.

Even badly damage cylinders is most of the time possible to repair. Conrod failure, pistonring that escapes etc. Detonation damage. Look at repair samples page.

Change of ports and port timing can be done, price depending on work wanted.

We ship either using the Swedish postal or a parcel company by your choice. Shipping fees is added, all prices include 25% Swedish moms (VAT).


Last updated 2010-12-19